Welcome to IPT EdTec! Our hope is to help teachers, future teachers, or people interested in technology learn what they need to know and get credit for it. We have hundreds of free, short tutorials to help you learn the technologies you need. To learn more about who we are check out the meaning behind IP&T.

  • Education Technologist Become a technologist Become a technologist Our tutorials will help you master the technologies you need to know for today's classrooms. If you aren't sure what technologies you should learn, we've grouped them into categories to make sure you cover your bases.
  • Open Badges Show off your EdTec Badge Show off your EdTec Badge Learning is great. Getting to display what you've learned to the people who should know is even better. With Mozilla Open Badges, you get the credentials you need.
  • Lifelong Learning Increase your abilities Increase your abilities Already have some tech knowledge? Increase your abilities by continuing to learn new technologies, creating lesson plans utilizing them, and applying what you've learned in an actual classroom setting. We'll guide you along the way.