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New Badge: Storybird!

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We are pleased to announce the addition of another great badge: Storybird. This technology allows you to write short stories, and then choose from hundreds of gorgeous illustrations to go along with it. You can also browse available illustrations and use them as visual writing prompts. Community features allow you to to get feedback on your writing and to keep track of your favorite stories. Teachers will also find added functionality that will allow their students to write and display stories in a private group.

Our badge will help you learn all of Storybird’s free features! Check it out here!

New Badge: Piktochart!

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Another new badge has been introduced in the Personal Technology Cluster: Piktochart!

Piktochart is an amazing site that allows you to quickly and easily create attractive and interesting infographics. IPTEdTec’s rubric will help you learn some of Piktochart’s best features, including adding images, graphics, charts, maps, and videos. And if you’re not a graphic designer, don’t worry! Piktochart will help you make your infographics look great even if you don’t have any experience. Check out the rubric here!

New Badge: BioDigital Human!

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We’ve added a new badge in the Personal Technology Cluster perfect for biology teaching majors or anyone interested in anatomy and physiology.

BioDigital Human is an amazing app that allows you to examine, investigate, and dissect a digital human on desktop or iPad. The app also allows you to quiz students on information you want them to learn. The badge rubric will allow you to learn about some of the most important features, so check it out here!

New Badge: Mozilla Popcorn Maker!

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Check out the new badge under Personal Technology Cluster (PTC): Mozilla Popcorn Maker!

Popcorn Maker allows you to create and remix videos with a different process from the technologies available in the Multimedia section. Popcorn Maker is a free service available online that allows you to remix videos with cool features like adding maps, popups, and Wikipedia entries, and also allows you to loop, skip, and pause videos to emphasize meaning. Take a look at the new rubric here: Mozilla Popcorn Maker.