Creating Lesson Plans

Welcome to the first module in the Technology Lesson Planning Badge path! Teaching with technology can be a fun and engaging experience for both teacher and student. Teaching with technology can also be very frustrating and unfulfilling without the proper level of preparation. It is our goal to help you develop strong lessons utilizing technology with student achievement as the ultimate outcome.

By reviewing these instructional materials, you will be able to create a lesson which utilizes technology to facilitate student learning.

This instruction is comprised of five modules which delineate a  process beneficial for planning to teach with technology. Each module builds on the previous one to create a lesson plan template used  for the integration of technology in your lessons.

The five modules are:

You can review the complete technology lesson plan template here.

After reviewing the template, take some time to think of lesson ideas you would like to use throughout this path. Think of lessons you currently use in your teaching. Because the IDT badge path modules culminate with creating the entire lesson plan, it is best to use the same lesson idea throughout. In so doing, much of the work for Module 5 will be finished from the previous modules.

Planning to use technology can seem like a new and overwhelming process.  Maybe you don’t know very much about the technologies available and how they can improve your lessons.  Perhaps you have had frustrating experiences with technology in the classroom and are hesitant to try it again.  By completing these modules you can become confident in your skills of including educational technologies to enhance your students’ learning.

When thinking of ideas for the lesson, it is important to understand that technology doesn’t change the goals for a lesson, but it helps students  reach those goals.  Technology is not an end all solution, but a tool in the path to learning.

“Computers aren’t the thing, they are the thing that gets us to the thing” – Halt and Catch Fire