Fitness Tracking

Fitness Tracking sites such as MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun allows you to keep track of your fitness goals and view your progress.

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Rubric for Fitness Tracking Technology Badge
Account Settings
Set Up an Account Set up your account. Create your goals using the “guided” option that MyFitnessPal provides.
Add to Profile Change the description of yourself.
Add a Photo Upload a photo to your profile.
Goals Change your goals using the “customize” option.
Track Weight Log your weight.
Change Meal Names Change your meal names from the default “Breakfast,” “Lunch,” “Dinner,” and “Snacks.” Add a “Morning Snack” category between “Breakfast” and “Lunch.” Change “Snacks” to “Evening Snack.”
Track Exercise Add two different exercises for today’s date. Add one to “Cardiovascular” and another to “Strength Training.” Add text to “Today’s Exercise Notes.”
Scanner Use the scanner function of the mobile app to add a food to “Breakfast.” Take a screenshot of the scanner’s results.
Database Food Add a food from the MyFitnessPal database under “Breakfast.”
Quick Add Calories Add calories manually under “Morning Snack.”
New Food Create a new food. Log it under “Lunch.”
Recipe Create a recipe called “My Favorite Lasagna.” Log it under “Dinner.”
Water Consuption Change your water consumption to four cups.
Food Notes Add food notes.
Change Diary Setting Set the visibility for your diary to either “Locked with a key.” (The key does not matter.)
Add Friends Add a friend in MyFitnessPal you wish to connect with.
Add an App After creating a profile in “MapMyRun,” connect that app to your MyFitnessPal account using the app gallery.
Screencast Take a screencast showing all of the following: your “Home” page, profile, “Friends” page, your custom goals page, your weight log, your exercise diary, your food diary, your custom food, your custom recipe, your settings (under “Diary Sharing”), and your “apps” page.
Create Account
Set Up an Account Go to and create an account.
Privacy Settings Change the default privacy settings to “private.”
Map a New Route For part of the route, use the tool that allows you to follow the roads, then turn it off for part of the route.
Out-and-Back Routes Create a new route using the tool that will send you back to your starting point along the same route.
Edit a Route Change the privacy for one specific route. Make it public. (We do not recommended making a route starting and ending at your home a public route).
Search Search for a route and bookmark it.
Share a Route Share a route you have created on social media.
Screenshot Take a screenshot of the social feed where you have shared your route.
Create a Group Create a group, set the appropriate privacy, and upload a logo.
Bookmark Search and bookmark a route to your group.
App Get the MapMyRun mobile app.
Send a Route Send one of the routes you have searched or created to your phone.
Screenshot Take a screenshot on your mobile device of the route you have sent.
Import Import a workout from another app (such as MyFitnessPal, or any other device or app you may have).
Goals Set a workout goal.
Screencast Take a screencast showing all of the following: your privacy settings, the two routes you created, the changed privacy setting on the edited route, your bookmarks, your group, the group bookmarks, and your imported workout.
Portfolio Create a sub-page on your portfolio, and post the screencasts from each of the apps, as well as screenshots of the following: the scanner result from MyFitnessPal, the social media share and the mobile route from MapMyRun.
Rubric for Fitness Tracking Planning Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Fitness Tracking Technology Badge.
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Rubric for Fitness Tracking Integration Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Fitness Tracking Technology Badge.
Planning You must have previously earned the Fitness Tracking Planning Badge.
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