Piktochart allows you to easily create infographics for your classroom.

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Rubric for Piktochart Badge
Create an Account
Account Set Up Create an account and username.
Create an Infographic
Choose a Topic Choose a topic relevant to your field. The topic you choose should be one that can be taught well using visual aids such as graphics, photos, charts, and maps.
Choose a Format Piktochart allows you to choose from Standard Infographic, Report, Banner, and Presentation. Choose a format that best fits your topic.
Choose a Theme Choose a professional theme that best fits your needs. Keep in mind that details such as color can be changed later.
Add Content
Add Text Change the built-in text from the theme to fit your needs. Include at least one title, one subtitle, and some body text.
Graphics Include at least one icon and one photo under graphics. If photos are not consistent with the style or content of your infographic, choose a layered background to place behind an icon or upload.
Uploads Upload at least one image from your computer and include it in your infographic.
Chart Include at least one chart. Choose a chart style that will best display the information you want to show. Be sure to include a title, data, and a legend.
Map Include at least one map, adding in either sample data to show statistics for each state or country, or highlighting a single state or country as part of a larger map.
Video Add a relevant video from YouTube or Vimeo.
Block Add an additional ‘block’ to your Infographic.
Lines Within your additional block, add lines. Make sure that these new lines are consistent with your existing infographic (including colors and style).
Additional Content Within your additional block, add relevant content of your choice, including a new text box.
Publish Publish your infographic. Make sure it is marked “public.”
Portfolio Create a sub-page under your website portfolio page and name it “Piktochart.” Embed your infographic to this page.
Submit Send a link to this page to your instructor via Canvas. If you are not currently enrolled in a course, send your project to iptedtec@gmail.com.
Rubric for Google Sites Planning Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Google Sites Technology Badge.
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Rubric for Piktochart Integration Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Piktochart Badge.
Planning You must have previously earned the Piktochart Planning Badge.
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