Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere allows you to easily create polling questions and receive live responses from students in your classroom.

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Click here for a short video on how to use Poll Everywhere effectively in the classroom.

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Rubric for Poll Everywhere Technology Badge
Poll Creation and Configuration
Introductory Poll Create an introductory question to encourage participation and to allow your students to learn how they will respond to later questions. (e.g., “What is your favorite movie?,” “Where are you from?,” etc.)
Poll Questions Create 4 additional poll questions. Make at least one multiple choice question, one open response question, and one clickable image poll.
Managing and Customizing Polls
Grouping Polls On the Polls page, put your questions into a single group with an appropriate name. Take a screenshot of the Polls page showing your 5 grouped polls.
Set Maximum Number of Responses For these polls, set the maximum number of responses per student to 1.
Poll Timespan In settings, change how long your polls will stick around after you push them from 3 hours to 1 week. Take a screenshot of the setting.
PollEv.com Page In settings, create a pollev.com page (e.g., pollev.com/janedoe, etc.). Your students will be able to submit their answers using this page. Take a screenshot of your settings page showing these changes.
Appearance Using the visual settings, customize the appearance of your polls ensuring that they look professional and appealing.
Sharing Your Polls
Poll Response Respond to at least one of your questions twice, once via internet browser and once via text message.
PowerPoint Download each of your polls as a PowerPoint slide. Combine these slides into a single slideshow. Be sure to download the PollEv Presenter App so that your polls will be visible when viewing your slideshow. Take a screenshot of the poll you responded to previously as it appears in PowerPoint.
Submit Work
Portfolio Create a sub-page under your website portfolio page and label it “Poll Everywhere.” Embed your 4 screenshots to this page.
Submit Send a link to this page along with a link to your pollev.com page to your instructor via Canvas. If you are not currently enrolled in a course, send your project to iptedtec@gmail.com.
Rubric for Poll Everywhere Planning Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Poll Everywhere Technology Badge.
Coming soon…
Rubric for Poll Everywhere Integration Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Poll Everywhere Technology Badge.
Planning You must have previously earned the Poll Everywhere Planning Badge.
Coming soon…