Popplet allows you to plan and organize in a collaborative setting.


Rubric for Popplet Badge
Creating a Popplet
Background Make a new Popplet with a professional background color that does not distract from the content.
Adding Popplets Add at least 5 popplets.
Creating Connections Add at least 4 connections linking your popplets.
Add text Add relevant text to each of your 5 popplets. This information must add and relate back to the popplet that it is referencing. (e.g., On a popplet with a picture of the Lincoln Monument, I would write, “Built in 1920 and dedicated in 1922, this 98’ tall statue honors the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln.”)
Add Color Add an appropriate color to each of your popplets (The color should be as professional as possible and not distract from the content of the popplet).
Nametags Remove nametags from all popplets. (This is to show that you understand that you are able to protect the identity of authors, if needed.)
Embedding Content
Comment Add at least 1 comment to your Popplet. (e.g., Lincoln was the 16th President of the U.S.A and went on to write the Emancipation Proclamation.)
Image Upload at least 1 relevant image to your Popplet (e.g., a picture of Lincoln or the Lincoln Monument).
Link Link at least 1 popplet to an outside source via URL (video, website, etc.).
Video Add at least 1 video to your Popplet.
Popplet Linker Link your Popplet to a Popplet relevant to the one you are creating using the Popplet linker. (e.g., If I am creating a Popplet on Lincoln, I could link to a Popplet on slavery or the Civil War.)
Presentation Create a professional presentation in Popplet that demonstrates your completion of the badge requirements explained above. This presentation should last at least 30 seconds.
Screencast Create a screencast of your Popplet presentation.
Submit Work
Portfolio Create a sub-page under your website portfolio page and label it “Popplet.” Embed your screencast to this page.
Submit Send a link to this page to your instructor via Canvas. If you are not currently enrolled in a course, send your project to iptedtec@gmail.com.