Streaming and Syndicating Media

Streaming and syndicating media allows you to immediately become updated with information.

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Rubric for Streaming and Syndicating Media Technology Badge
Create Account Create an Audioboo account and add an appropriate, professional picture and description.
Record Record a professional 2 minute speech using your computer’s microphone (e.g. An explanation of how volcanoes are created).
Upload Create a professional recording that is a minimum of 30 seconds long utilizing another program (e.g. Audacity). Upload to Audioboo.
Embed Embed your recording onto a site(e.g. Google Sites). Share the link with IptEdTec.
Content The podcast should be professional and related to your field of expertise (e.g. A podcast explaining the creation of a particular geological feature). The podcast should enhance learning or instruction in a way that would be difficult to do without the podcast.
Artwork Add 2 relevant pictures that are appropriately licensed for you to use (e.g Flickr).
Audio Audio quality should be clear and easy to hear. Volume levels should enhance the message of the podcast.
After creating the podcast, post the final mp3 either on your own web site, Audioboo, or Blogger. If hosting the file on your own server, create a way for others to subscribe to your file using Feedburner or a similar technology. If hosting the file on Blogger, be sure to tag and index the posts in a way that a podcast aggregator like iTunes can subscribe to just the audio files. Show notes next to your podcast for those who want to read the text of your podcast.
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Feeds Sign up for 10 feeds of various types (e.g. Science, Art, Cooking, etcetera).
Podcasts Sign up for 5 different podcasts.
Screen Capture Take a screen capture and email to IptEdTec.