Technology Skills Assessment

The Technology Skills Assessment (TSA) is a way for Brigham Young University students majoring in education to document certain basic technology skills.

Rubric for the Word Processing Essentials Badge
Microsoft Word
Set Page Orientation Set page orientation (either portrait or landscape).
Fonts Set font type, color, and size.
Bullets Make a bulleted list.
Add Picture Add a picture to your document.
Add Graphic Add two graphics to your document.
Add Table Add a table to your document.
Add Hyperlink Add a hyperlink to your document.
Google Drive
Upload to Google Drive Upload your Document to Google Drive.
Convert to Google Doc Upload the document a second time and convert it to a Google Doc (so in your Google Drive you have the document both as a Word doc and as a Google doc).
Rubric for the Google Spreadsheets Essentials Badge
Google Forms
Create Form Create a google form to gather student information.
Professional Appearance Choose a theme for your form that has a professional appearance.
Response Types Use at least two different response types such as multiple choice, and free response.
Record Responses Record responses to a specified google spreadsheet.
Required Responses Mark at least one question as required.
Fill Out Form Fill out your google form by accessing it and responding to the questions.
Google Spreadsheets
Complete Spreadsheet Complete your google spreadsheet by filling in the missing information, labels, etc.
Formulas Include formulas to calculate totals and averages for the data gathered in the form.
Graph Create a column graph to demonstrate your data.
Formatting Format font size and color. Format cell background-color and borders.
Share Spreadsheet Share your spreadsheet with another user.
Rubric for the Presentations Essentials Badge
Powerpoint Presentation
Font Set font type, size and color.
Background Color Set background color.
Table Add a table to a slide.
Shapes Add a shape (star, etc.) to a slide.
Slide Transitions Add a transition that will transition into your first slide.
Slide Narrations Add narration to one of your slides.
Slide Links Add a link from one slide to another.
Pictures Insert a picture on one of your slides.
Hyperlink Create a hyperlink in your picture to a URL.
Embed Video Embed a video to play automatically on one of your slides.
Rubric for the Internet Communications Essentials Badge
Google Hangouts
Join Hangout Join a Google Hangout.
Create a Screencast Create a screencast using screen-cast-o-matic or any other screencasting program you are familiar with.
Convert Video File Convert your screencast video file from WMV to MP4 using MPEG Streamclip, Handbrake or any other video conversion program.
Take a Screenshot Take a screen shot of your entire computer screen.
Resize Screenshot Resize your screenshot to 300×300 or smaller using, Photoshop or any other editing program.
Audio Files
Convert Audio File Convert audio file from WAV to MP3 using iTunes, audacity or any other program (the audio file is located in the documents folder).
Create Dropbox Folder Create a folder in Dropbox.
Upload File to Dropbox Upload a file to Dropbox.
Share Share your dropbox folder with another user.
Rubric for Office Technologies Essentials Badge
TSA Badges This badge is earned by completing the requirements for the Word Processing Essentials, Forms & Spreadsheets Essentials, Internet Communications Essentials, and Presentation Technologies Essentials Badges (seen above).  Most students will complete each of the 4 TSA badges and therefore will be issued this badge alone as evidence of their work.

Once you master each of the lower level badges, we can issue you an IPT Office Technologies Essentials badge. Click on the badges for details on how to earn them!