Twitter allows you to easily communicate with students and parents.

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Rubric for Twitter Technology Badge
Account Creation and Tweeting
Sign-Up Create your Twitter account at
Follow Follow 5 people in your field.
Re-Tweet Find a tweet with a hashtag (#) relevant to your field and re-tweet it.
Create a Tweet Create 4 new tweets: 1 with a link, 1 with a video or picture, 1 with a location, and 1 with a hashtag (e.g. Don’t forget your Emancipation assignment is due tomorrow! #History101MS).
Account Set-up Visit and create your account by signing in, downloading the Chrome app, or downloading the desktop version. Once inside Tweetdeck, add your Twitter account.
Add Accounts Add a second Twitter account to your Tweetdeck (this will likely be for a class that you will teach in the future). This will require that you create a second Twitter account using an alternate email address.
Schedule Tweets Schedule 3 future tweets that would be relevant to a teaching situation. These might be used as reminders for assignments or as part of a lesson plan schedule.
Add Columns Use the “Add column” function to add a “Tweets” column, “Mentions” column, “Scheduled” column, and another column of your choice.
Take a Screenshot Take a screenshot of your Tweetdeck showing your added columns.
Submit Work
Portfolio Create a sub-page under your website portfolio page and label it “Twitter.” Insert your screenshot along with links to your twitter feeds.
Submit Send a link to this page to your instructor via Canvas. If you are not currently enrolled in a course, send your project to
Rubric for Twitter Planning Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Twitter Technology Badge.
Coming soon…
Rubric for Twitter Integration Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Twitter Technology Badge.
Planning You must have previously earned the Twitter Planning Badge.
Coming soon…