Versal allows you to easily create free online courses. Click here for a short video introduction to Versal.

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Rubric for Versal Technology Badge
Create Profile
Add Picture Add a professional picture to your profile.
Add Bio Add professional bio information to your profile.
Create a Course
Course Creation and Title Create a new course and give it an appropriate title.
Course Image Add a course image to your course.
Course Description Add information to the “Short Description,” “Overview,” and “About the Publisher” sections of your course.
Tags Add at least 3 appropriate tags to your course.
Creating Lessons
Add Lessons Add at least 3 lessons to your course.
Add Headers Headers are useful for introducing new topics. Add at least 2 headers to each of your lessons.
Add Text Add appropriate text to each of the lessons in your course.
Add Image Add at least 1 relevant image to 1 of your lessons.
Video Add at least 1 relevant video to your course. This can be a video you create and upload to Versal or it can be a YouTube or Vimeo video.
Survey Use the survey widget to create at least 1 survey (or you can use it as a quiz). Your survey should use at least 2 different response types (e.g. radiobuttons, checkboxes, or free text). Enter in your own responses to your survey and then download the survey results. Take a screenshot of the results.
Additional Gadgets Your course should incorporate at least 3 more gadgets of different types from those already required.
Submit Work
Portfolio Create a sub-page under your website portfolio page and label it “Versal.” Add a link to your course to this page.
Submit Send a link to this page to your instructor via Canvas. If you are not currently enrolled in a course, send your project to
Rubric for Versal Planning Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Versal Technology Badge.
Coming soon…
Rubric for Versal Integration Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Versal Technology Badge.
Planning You must have previously earned the Versal Planning Badge.
Coming soon…