How we use badges

Why Badges?

Taking a course on instructional technology is great, it increases your skills using today’s technologies and helps you understand how they can be used in the classroom.

The problem is, at the end of the course what you learned is not easily shared with others. Plus, if you went above and beyond by learning more technologies in your course than required, that doesn’t show on the transcript.

What are Badges?

Mozilla Open Badges are one way that you will be able to display your mastery of the individual technologies you learned. Your badges are digital and can be shared with anyone that has an internet connection.Think of merit badges for Boy Scouts. But instead of getting a badge on fishing or knot tying, your badges will include Copyright law and YouTube.

How Does it Work?

We provide you a rubric of what we feel you need to know about the technology in order to use it in the classroom. Then, we provide you with the support you need to learn it. Each technology has a list of tutorials that take you step by step through that technology and helps you master it. When you have met the requirements, we issue you a badge, a digital image that contains information proving we accredit your learning of that technology. This digital badge is stored in your Mozilla Backpack and can be shared with anyone you like by displaying it on your website, through social media, or other means.

What Badges are Offered?

Our catalog of available badges is increasing every day. If the technology you want to learn isn’t offered, request it. Use the search box in the upper right hand corner or check out the browse section to see our list of badges.

Let’s Get Started

Start becoming an education technologist at any time. Click on the technology you want to know more about, look through the tutorials, and get credit for what you learn.