Wikispaces allows you to easily create a free wiki for your classroom.

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Rubric for Wikispaces Technology Badge
Page Creation and Layout
Members Invite at least 2 friends to participate in your wiki or use the bulk user creator to add at least 5 users to your wiki. Make at least one of these additional users a “Wiki Organizer.”
Projects Create a project with at least two teams and at least one member in each team.
Create an Event Create at least 2 new events for your wiki, one that is an all day event and one that has specific start and end times. One of these events is added to a team calendar.
Add Page Create at least 2 additional pages with an appropriate title, content, and tags.
Page Content
Link Include at least 1 relevant link to another site and 2 links to other pages in your wiki.
Image Insert at least 1 image in one of your pages.
Media At least 1 relevant piece of media (either a document, presentation, or spreadsheet) must be embedded on an appropriate page. The privacy settings on the media should allow it to be viewable on the page (generally the settings should be set to public).
Video An appropriate YouTube or other video is embedded on a page. The size of the video should fit well on the page. “Suggested videos” should not be shown when the video ends if possible.
Additional Widget Add at least 2 additional widgets of your choice to your pages. These widgets should be functional and relevant to the content of your site.
Assessment The assessment feature allows teachers to observe students’ reading, writing, and saving activity in their wiki in real time. Open a page in your wiki and spend some time reading and writing on the page. Finally, save this page and then view the assessment page on your wiki. You should see that your reading, writing, and saving have been tracked. Take a screenshot of your activity shown on your assessment page.
Professional Look and Feel
Theme Select a professional theme. The theme should improve the overall look of your site without distracting from the content.
Color Scheme Themes come with a color scheme. Occasionally, there is a reason to change the theme. New colors should coordinate with colors already used in the theme’s color scheme. The color scheme should always improve the overall look of the site without distracting from the content.
Navigation The navigation of the site should be logical. A user should easily be able to navigate the site to find the page or information they are looking for. This might include adding tags to the sidebar navigation.
Permissions The permission settings of the site should be set so visitors to the site can view all the content. Usually the settings should be set to public.
Portfolio Page Create an additional web page and title it “Wikispaces.” Give this page the tag “Portfolio” and add this “Portfolio” tag to your navigation using the “edit navigation” feature. Embed your screenshot on this new page.
Submit Send a link to this page to your instructor via Canvas. If you are not currently enrolled in a course, send your project to
Rubric for Wikispaces Planning Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Wikispaces Technology Badge.
Coming soon…
Rubric for Wikispaces Integration Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Wikispaces Technology Badge.
Planning You must have previously earned the Wikispaces Planning Badge.
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