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Rubric for Wix Technology Badge
Page Creation and Layout
Create a Wix Site Create a Wix account. You have the option to choose a pre-designed site template or to start from scratch. For your purposes, you may find it easier to start with a blank template and add only what you need, as opposed to replacing a template’s original content with your own. In either case, be sure to build a site that will fulfill your needs as a class website.
Site Name Change your site name from My Site to something relevant.
Username Change your username. This is useful because your site url will be http://USERNAME.wix.com/SITENAME
Pages Create at least 2 pages in addition to the home page (using at least two different page templates) with appropriate titles and content. The new pages should be on the appropriate navigation levels (i.e. a top level page or a sub-page). Wix templates come built with many sub-pages. Be sure to delete any you are not using.
Portfolio Page Create a page that could serve as a portfolio page (if you are in IPT 286, you will upload future assignments for the course here). You may use any page template type you feel is appropriate. The page should be a top level page.
Announcements Page Create an announcements page (using the List Builder tool) with at least 2 posts. The page should be on an appropriate navigation level (most likely, a top level page).
Page Layout Use titles and appropriate heading formats, paragraph format, and line spacing to organize text on the page. At least 1 heading must be used somewhere on the site. Sub-headings should also be used when appropriate. Heading sizes for each level should be consistent throughout the site. Extra spacing between sections should be used when needed. Those who view the page should be able to understand its organization instantly.
Text Alignment Most text should be left aligned. Avoid centered text, except possibly for captions and titles. However, even for captions and title, left aligned text will often look better. Occasionally right aligned text is appropriate.
Links Somewhere in the body of your website, include at least 1 relevant link to another site.
Header and Footer Design an appropriate site header and footer. The header should include the site name, class name, or your name. The footer may include a copyright, contact information, or other content.
Embedding Content
Button Add a button (other than any template buttons already existing) with a link. The link should be to another page of your site.
Social Link Add at least 1 social link with an icon to your site in an appropriate location.  The social link should link to your social media account, that of your school, or some other relevant account.
Social Feed Add at least 1 social feed to your site on an appropriate page.  Social feeds can be added using an app from the App Market.  A social feed will show recent content from a social media account on your webpage.
Video Embed an appropriate YouTube video on a page. The size of the video should fit well on the page. “Suggested videos” should not be shown when the video ends.
Image Add at least 1 uploaded image.
Calendar Embed a Google calendar. The privacy settings for the calendar should be set so that visitors to the website can view the calendar (generally the settings should be set to public). The calendar should be on its own page or at least be visible and not “below the fold” (where you have to scroll to see it).
Document Embed at least 1 relevant document from your Google Drive (a document, presentation, or spreadsheet) on an appropriate page. The privacy settings on the Doc should allow it to be viewable on the page (generally the settings should be set to public).
Navigation Bar Include a navigation bar that is present on every page. It should provide easy and intuitive navigation through your pages.
Member Login Add a Member Login button. Make one page password protected by going to Pages > Settings> Protect Page. Password Protect the page, do not select Restrict to Site Members (however, be aware this is an option for your site in the future). Until grading, set the password to “password.”
Embed Additional Item Embed one additional piece of content to your site. There are many options in the app market.
Professional Look and Feel
Design Use the design tools to create a professional look. The background, fonts, and colors should improve the overall look of your site without distracting from the content.
Navigation The navigation of the site should be logical. Pages should be organized either as a top level page or a sub-page of an appropriate page. A user should easily be able to navigate the site to find the page or information they are looking for. Your site should have at least two levels of webpages.
Site Layout Top level pages should be organized in a logical manner. Home should always be the first of the pages listed. Other pages can be listed alphabetically or using some other convention (ex. often a contact page is the last page listed). Important information should be visible and easy to find, and shouldn’t be “below the fold” so that people who don’t know to scroll down won’t miss something important.
Along the Way
Save Save your site regularly to make sure you do not lose your work.
Get Feedback Using the feedback tool (the tab with conversation bubbles on the right), send your site to a classmate or associate for feedback. When they have placed some feedback on your site, take a screenshot of it. Post your screenshot of the feedback on the portfolio page of your site.
Mobile Periodically switch to Mobile editing. When graded, your site will also be viewed from a mobile device and will be assessed for professionalism and appearance.
Submit URL Publish your site. Post the url as the submission for this assignment
Rubric for Wix Planning Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Wix Technology Badge.
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Rubric for Wix Integration Badge
Technology You must have previously earned the Wix Technology Badge.
Planning You must have previously earned the Wix Planning Badge.
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